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There are a few different ways to sign into Blink: The Frontline App. Follow the links below to sign into Blink: The Frontline App.

If you are a new user on mobile you should follow these steps:

"You have been invited"

  1. Your organization may have sent you an invite to Join Them on Blink which will make signing up incredibly quick. The invite itself may go to either your mobile inbox or your email.
  2. Once you have received this invite to Blink you should open the invite and press the blue button.
  3. After clicking the link you would end up in your app store on our install page. Click install. If you have installed the app before you use the invite you will be taken straight into the app.
  4. You may need to enter some information about yourself once the app is opened but after that has been entered you will get full access to Blink!

 "I Haven't received an invite to join!"

If you find yourself without an invite to join your organization you should contact your manager and let them know, they should be able to re invite you.

"Using a Starter Pack"

  1. These may have been handed out to you and is a one-page guide for 'Getting Started'! On this page will be a QR code
  2. In the very top right of your screen would be an icon to access the QR scanner on Blink (you won't need to use an external service to scan the QR Code)
  3. Tap this icon, hold up your piece of paper and scan the QR code on your pack! Once you have done this you would be taken through and asked to enter some information for your account.
  4. If when you scan your QR code it doesn't work you can type out what is contained in the code manually. At the bottom of your screen will be a "Type code instead" option. Written on your pack will be the "Invite Code" which is the code you should enter.

"Join my colleagues"

Only use this option if you are sure you have an account ready for you to join.

  1. Press "Join my Colleagues" and choose either your mobile number or email. This will be the same one your invite was sent to, your work email, or the one your manager tells you to use.
  2. Enter your work email or mobile number.
  3. Then you will have to complete the authentication method your company has chosen for you.
  4. Once completed you may have to enter your job title and your department. This information is only used for your Blink profile and can be changed or updated at any time.

Signing into your existing account on Mobile

"I already have an account"

  1. This option will allow you to sign in to your existing account.
  2. Open your Blink app and press "I already have an account".
  3. You will then need to enter either your email or mobile number that is listed on your account and complete the method of authentication.

If you are a new user on a desktop you should follow these steps:

"My team is on Blink"

  1. Upon clicking this you will be given three options, enter your email, enter your mobile, or enter your invite code.
  2. For the email option, you should enter your work email, if you have an account registered with that work email you will sign in to your account after entering an OTP.
  3. For the mobile option, if you have an account registered with that mobile number you will sign in to your account after entering an OTP.
  4. For entering the invite code you should get your "Getting Started" guide. On that page will be an invite code, this needs to be entered after clicking on this option.

If you have already signed in to your account you should follow these steps

"I already have an account"

  1. If you already have an account on Blink and want to sign in to your desktop you should press "I already have an account, sign in"
  2. After that, you will be given two options, enter either your mobile number or email!
  3. Once this has been entered you will need to perform your Organizations method of authentication.


Registration failed
This error means that you are failing to register on Blink, most likely because you are not using a work email. 
I didn't receive an invite
If you haven't received an invite please check with your manager that your account has been set up. If not, please ask them to set up your account and invite you.

Once you've logged into the Blink app, you will stay logged in until you manually log out, or, for web versions only, until you clear your cache and cookies.

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